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3 definitions by Jazlo

the slimy jellyfish;
a sexual manuever that can only be performed while your already having sexual intercourse. Do everything you usually do, then right as the male is about to orgasm(semen). He shoves the tip of his penis right onto one of the nostrils of his partner. As the semen goes into the nose, the reciever will experience a tickling sensation. Thus causing them to sneeze, making the semen fly out onto their chest. Leaving what looks to be the tentacles of a jellyfish.
last night me and (blank) were doin it like rabbits and i did the slimy jellyfish. ;)
by Jazlo April 22, 2009
2 2
a sexual manuever most commonly known for both partners being covered in either maple or chocolate syrup. once the two are completely covered. insert a banana(peeled or unpeeled) into the anus of your partner. this part isnt entirely meant to increase pleasure, but feel free to take your time on this. once both bananas are in place. go ahead with your normal sexual activities.
once complete, you are allowed to eat the banana out of your lovers ass. if fecal matter is present on the fruit, continue eating, its proper manners.
dude, know what tastes absolutely amazing? banana molestation!
by Jazlo January 23, 2009
3 9
someone typically depicted for their unique look of "spiked hair". but in actuality all theyve done is filld their hand with gel and smeared it around a little. they try so hard to get so far, yet never achieve much. not easily distinguished amongst the crowd. for they try to adapt others personalities, since they dont believe in themselves. if so, its for singing. ill tell you, their belief is wrong.
look at that kid, betcha his name is kolt
"wow he looks like a tard"
by Jazlo January 17, 2009
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