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An Australian Term Used to Describe Teenagers Who wear Nautica, Ralph Lauren Polo, Or White Nikes Hats, Tilted Upright Revealing the Front of Their Hair. A Striped Nautica Shirt (Jersey) With the Collar Popped, and either Saucony or Nike Trackpants. Nike and Canterbury shorts are also acceptable. Finished off with a pair of Nike TNs.

Lads are generally the more popular kids in highschool and are respected by some of the students, but feared by most. Lads go around "Staunching" people for money, clothing, phones ... pretty much anything that could in some way make them money. Lads usually smoke, and a good percentage of them pull cones. A Small percentage of them pop pingas (Pills, also known as "illpays")
Lad: (talking to Lad2) Sdoin Lad!
Lad2: Not Much lad you?
Lad: nm, illchin.
Lad2: True

Lad: (Talking to innocent little emo kid) GIMME YOUR MONEY LAD OR ILL DRILL YOU.
Innocent Emo: huh?
Lad: (Hits Emo, takes money and shoes and runs away) ESHAYS!
by Jayskes September 20, 2007

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