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one sexy beast of a man and a very talented artist
i died in my dreams whats that suposed to mean? i died in my dreams reaching out for your hand my fatel desire
by jayne July 04, 2004
A Spac-Tard is a mixture of both a Spastic and a Retard, therefore meaning a Spasticated Retard.
This name can be given to someone who commits an incredibly stupid act or says something incredibly stupid. it is an honouray title to have and should be something that is worn with pride.
"My mummy says im a Spac-Tard" :)
by Jayne November 02, 2005
A new way to stop pollution!! Put it on the ol' fire and feel the warmth flow through you as the crappy pattern fades away and is left as ashes.
Side effects - May cause you to piss yourself as you are about to put it on the fire for excitment of burning such a hated brand.
Stop Pollution - Burn Burberry!!!
by jayne January 08, 2005
The Power of three is the name given to the three best friends
and Helen
It is their symbol of friendship and their against ridding the world of WANNABEES.
(this also counts for vicky's Jayne's and Helen's in austraillia and france etc)
The real power of three = vicky jayne and helen!
by Jayne January 30, 2005
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