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To be DOMINATED in something! To consistently DOMINATE someone or to maintain POWER over someone or something! To be beaten badly! To be extremely embarrassed by someone! To be made a fool of by someone! If you and a friend played a basketball game and he outscored you by 75 points and beat you 85 to 10... he OWNED you! If you had a fight with an enemy and you pummeled him with 10 straight punches and knocked him out without him getting 1 hit in... you can say you OWNED him! If you and your friend played chess 20 times and you beat him 18 out of the 20 times you 2 played, you can pretty much say you OWN him! To be owned is to be badly beaten or dominated in something by someone!
Me and Omar had a looks contest and I owned him 30 votes to 5
by Jaylove47 June 18, 2011
A person whos easily proven wrong in a debate.A person who lacks in the ability to prove their point by providing facts.A person who you can easily contradict and make look foolish.
John just contradicted himself and proved his opposer right.He's such a weak debater.
by Jaylove47 February 22, 2009
THOT - 1. Is a hoe. 2. A very promiscuous woman; A woman who has several sex partners.

3.These women aren't really hard to get sex from; they are easy to get and weak when it comes to resisting sex from men.
Keith: Man, every dude in the neighborhood has had sex with Karen
Aaron: I know she's a thot.... All you have to do is tell her you want to Fuck and she'll let you. She's very easy!
by Jaylove47 August 06, 2014

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