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Jakob's are rare and rather disginguished group from the Jacob's. Often mixed up, these two are completely different. Because of their name you know they come from an artistic or at the very least different family.

Jakob's are usually artistic in some form, usually one of their own or one they don't see often. Not easily motivated and rather lazy. Usually gothic and very popular among the goths.

Their relationship with other social groups may vary, as they tend to judge person by person. They have been knows to dabble from group to group with the noted exception of preps, as they are usually unintelligent. He is a good judge of character and knows who rocks, who sucks, and who sucks the cock.

They absolutely hate the inexcusable unintelligence of people. If they are stupid in a form that is not accepted and something they should be knowledgeable of at such an age, such as common sence or not understanding of the simplist of subjects. They themselves tend to think ahead often too much. Surprisingly average at chess.

Jakob's appearences vary quite a bit, and tend to attract one type of person constantly. This type of person changes with each Jakob of course. They tend to be sauve when they try to be, until meeting someone that they wish to date, as opposed to someone wanting to date them. Mutual feelings bring them back in their "comfort zone".
Differences of Jacob and Jakob
Jacob: That weird kid in the corner who doesn't talk much.
Jakob: The cool kid in the dark corner who talks only when necesarry.
by Jayke_Obe September 10, 2008
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