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The fruit of the bum. Droppings
I am off to the Crapper to drop a bunch of bum fruit.

My bum fruits are ripe, I must deposit them in the toilet bowl (a bowl of bum fruit).

Jay: *fart*
Emma: Oh god, that stinks Jay! Go to the toilet!
Jay: I couldn't possibly
Emma: Why!?
Jay: They (bum fruits) have yet to ripen.
Emma: You stinky bastard.

Bum fruits of the forest - When one lays down a selection of Bum fruits within a wooded area (usually when camping).

This in turn can become a bum fruit basket if deposited on a collection of twigs.

If you over egg the pudding and eat too many rich foods, your bum fruits will come out all squirty and are now rotten. Do not offer these bum fruits to friends.

by Jaydentaku January 16, 2007

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