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A term used by Faith on Buffy, to discribe a situation as ok.
I'm feeling five by five
by jayde September 15, 2004
australian rock band, well known for the quality of their music.
Wow, did you check out Powderfingers new album "Vulture St"?
by jayde September 14, 2004
Australian for "oh shit".
buggar, i just spilt my imported beer all over your pants.

(after getting caught out in slips) buggar.
by jayde September 14, 2004
A fun and entertaining game held often in Australia, usually played by females. Involves drinking a large amount of malt beverage, entering a crowded dance floor, kissing someone (preferably someone with a partner), and leaving through the crowd.
Lets play a game of pash n dash!

Did you see that guy get pash n dashed?
by jayde September 14, 2004
Verb, meaning to spew pus
The wound looked as though it would pusculate at any moment.
by Jayde August 27, 2004
teenage musician and actor. Played "Zach" in the movie "school of rock". Very good with a guitar.
Did you see joey gaydos jr play the guitar?
by jayde September 14, 2004
(V.) To cum, to spew cum
James pusculated after he masturbated.
by Jayde September 29, 2004
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