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An exotic VD that can only be caught by having air tight intercourse with multiple persons concurrently, with each separately carrying gonnorea, hepatytis, sypillis & aids.
Chris's girlfrind came back from Mexico with gonnaherpecyphillaidsalitis.
by Jaybird March 17, 2005
1. gay as can be 2. one who has the ability to lick his own balls 3. weasel-like, in the manner of a weasel-like, whiny coach.
Q. Did you play basketball tonight, Johnny? A. No, Mom, I just went outside and fucked up some blue devils.
by Jaybird February 02, 2005
An environment or atmosphere characterized by a sponge bob pencil holder, a monkey and a bamboo plant.
The lipper machine is in a froofy environment.
by Jaybird March 16, 2005

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