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The word "Jaya" is the hindi word for "victory". Its also the name of a GOD.
Damn, I have the coolest name. I'm the real Jaya.
by Jaya March 24, 2005
A big-ass high school that makes getting into UCLA look easy. The campus is randomly strewn about a several acre plot of muddy land. People here generally participate in more than two clubs, necessarily including Key Club, and tend to be extremely good at math, music, or math and music. If a person falls under none of the above categories, then they are either too smart to waste time in school, too stoned to think, or too artistic to waste time in the rigid facism that is the US school system.
Guy: I got a 2400 on the new SAT on the first try.
You: Are you from Gunn?
by Jaya March 23, 2005
living proof that all you need to start your career in music is a casio with preloaded drum beats
that beat is HOT...oh wait it's my little brother on the keyboard.
by jayA March 18, 2005
the first name
a) of a hobbit,
b) a catholic prophet,
c) the representative of the seventh district of maryland,
d) the first name of the rock-socksiest boy around.
a) Elijah blinked his large blue eyes and shook his curly hair.
b) Elijah preached to many.
c) Gee, Elijah proposed a whizz-bang of a bill in Congress yesterday.
d) Elijah is so cute, he makes me want to cuddle him like a giraffe.
by Jaya April 11, 2006
Better owt than nowt.
Is there owt in that box?
by JayA October 30, 2003
ME! I am Jaya.
I am Jaya.
by Jaya March 23, 2004
Flirty drumming irish man
Hey, look at Colin, he's drumming. Wow, he sure is Irish...and flirty.
by Jaya August 01, 2004

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