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A gizmondo is someone who is very cheap, and very bad at managing money. Most gizmondos will avoid paying for anything at anytime. If its free, no matter how bad the product may be, a gizmondo will take it.

Gizmondos usually have very few friends, due to the fact that thier friends, most of the time, end up paying for the gizmondos activities or drinks.

Homeless people could technically be considered gizmondo material, because, through beggind, and panhandling, they get thier food and liquor for free.

Man, Mitch is such a Gizmondo, he wouldn't fork out $10 for fuel when I drove him to work for a week straight.

<woman> Jesse was such a gizmondo on our date, we went for a walk, and just talked. Then when the bill came at dinner he "forgot" his wallet.
by JayToTheNizzo September 11, 2006

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