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when a chicks pants are wedged up her butt so it looks like her ass is eating her pants.
Check out the hungry pants on that broad.
by JayTang November 16, 2005
n. One of two weed plants Glen was growing out in the back yard. We think our neighbors stole one of them. Definetly smoother than shwag, but you still had to smoke like 2 joints worth by yourself to get high.
Nobody at the house was having any luck finding weed; luckily we still had the Dover beasters to fall back on.
by JayTang February 14, 2005
n. A really shitty house
Wow, check out that dumpster with shutters.
by JayTang February 11, 2005
n. Locally grown weed. Usually only available in small quantities. Better than schwag, but nothing special.
Ryan whipped out a bag of some local beasters and rolled out a fucking hog leg.
by JayTang February 14, 2005
n. Any creepy ass shack that you find way out in the middle of the woods that is probably used by some hillbilly for murdering people, raping women, or as a crystal meth lab.
Man, you can't go any where in the woods in New Hampshire without running across a fuckin' stabin' cabin.
by JayTang February 11, 2005

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