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The combination an idiot would have on his luggage.
His luggage combination is 12345.
by jaytk October 06, 2006
Slang (with other meaning):
The act of playing with any stick-like object by oneself in a bedroom or a small tent, in which the activity may be over an extended period of time and sometimes repeated. Usually takes places alone or at night, and the participant engages in this activity (sometimes regularly) because it gives them a significant amount of pleasure. In some occasions this sport can be played with two or more people either on a team in the same game or separate teams in overlapping games.
My brother pitched a tent in my living room and called it Jack n' Tony's Shack. He played some serious hockey that night, and ended up pitching 5 field goals in his own net and wouldn't pass the puck until we were out of fresh towels.
by JayTK March 09, 2013
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