3 definitions by JayMayKha501

Stewie Griffin in drag. Also a beautiful dancer in ABC's Dancing With The Stars.
"That's Karina Smirnoff"
"You mean Stewie?"
"No! Her, the dancer!"
"Ohh... Think she knows Stewie?"
by JayMayKha501 January 07, 2012
Weapons of Ass Destruction. Most commonly referred to as a belt, a switch, a paddle, basically anything that causes intense pain on your gluteus maximus.
When I find that boy, I'm-a gonna use my WAD on 'em.
by JayMayKha501 January 05, 2012
Contrary to popular belief, not all blacks think whites are racist. And I FAIL to see one who is that crazy about racial remarks. Most of the times, the ones saying its racist are NOT the ones who are being "offended" by the so-called racial discrimination.
Take LocoRoco for example, I'm black with dreads, yet I don't find the Mojas racist. MOJA! MOJA!
by JayMayKha501 February 11, 2012

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