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1. Born somewhere in the Booniesque territories of Australia, the Ranga prides himself on his flaming red hair, pseudo-film qualifications and complete lack of anything worth while to say.
2. In a logical hierarchy, the step between 'Assmuppet' and 'Turdkisser'.
3. A frequenter of The Forum who engages in circlejerk behavior, has a small penis and that no one really likes.
Somewhere in Australia - *sounds of retards playing with machinery*
Rest of the World - Hmm.. looks like the Ranga just posted.
by JayEm August 30, 2004
A bogan who is also a racist and/or bigot. Not all bogans are bogots.
Jayden is a bogot because he hates Muslims and Indigenous Australians.
by JayeM April 17, 2012

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