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1. People who wish to compensate for their low self and social esteem by being loud and boisterous. Usually they are found riding Harleys.

Origins: South Park is known to have had a definitive influence on popular culture. In their 12th episode of season 13 titled "The F-Word" they show the south park residents, and subsequently, dictionary officials realizing that "fag" is actually an evolving term in American culture denoting, at different periods in history, undesirable and irksome groups of the times. For example, the word referred to women in the early nineteenth century, later to "poor people" (wood gatherers, from the "faggots" or bundle of sticks they carried) and then elderly people (a reference to the earlier meaning, classifying the elderly as baggage). In present times, the word referred to transgenders and homosexuals. However, with society largely accepting them as a demographic, the word "Fag" becomes a term for irksome, smelly attention-whores who usually ride low-mileage Harleys and think their loud revving engines makes a statement of their independence and free-spirit. Instead of the credits, the end of the episode flashes a mock dictionary definition, rendering a modification of the prevalent use of the word to henceforth refer to attentively make loud noise, and are frequently found riding Harley Davidson motorcycles.
"Hey dude, check out my new low-mileage Harley.. see me rev up its engine... it moans like a true baby!"

"Yeah.. Fag! Now wipe your shit and get out!!"
by JayDeezzy November 06, 2009

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