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an out of townie expression. Rooted from the word trouble. It means forseeing oncoming danger, being and danger and ooops its too late you just got owned by danger.
3 whiskey and rye, 5 gin and tonic and 3 shots of tequilla later, did not see trubs coming and ended up taking her ugly-ass home.
by JayCrisis!! June 01, 2006
An ergonomic way of expressing mass awesomeness by pushing up the air. Meaning the air can't even touch you because your cause of celebration is immesurable or you are about to bust some "wicked ass".
The Ultimate Warrior breathes slowly like a maniac and signals to himself and the crowd a couple of "raise the roof"'s right before he layeth the gorilla press and body splash on his foolish opponent.
by JayCrisis!! June 01, 2006

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