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The act of eliminating people, like Ryan Seacrest does on American Idol. Like if you got a girl that's acting up, or fake friends. Yo ass better start Seacresting!
Guy: Man, my friend was supposed to pick me up, but he aint nowhere in sight. Then my girl just cheated on me. I don't know what to do.

Oliver: Fool, you betta start Seacresting them hoes.
by Jay-dub8907 May 09, 2008
Something that you say in response to your mamma calling you, that's if you wanna be smacked into next week
Mom: Brian!

Brian: What?

Mom: Who the hell you talking to? I aint one of friends. You betta get yo ass in here and wash these dishes 'fo I knock the black off you.
by Jay-dub8907 May 01, 2008

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