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Function: noun
Etymology: Yiddish Adenwala, from Adenwallow to waler, from Nigeria Adenwala
Date: 1947
: dung-fired bean curd eating plainsman that dances to techno music and yani tunes.
:a person who is a bore or nuisance

by Jay-Z May 07, 2003
a person who is a bore or nuisance

by Jay-Z May 07, 2003
Of or pertaining to the greatness of a nalgene product.
That catch was unbelievably nalgedelic!
by Jay-Z April 13, 2004
White boy who thinks he's HELLLLLLA black. a.k.a. Wigga. talks black, walks black, etc.
Man, that kid is actin like such an A-Cop!
by Jay-Z June 03, 2003
When a woman douches in-between hookups at a social gathering.
Person one: Dude I heard you got sloppy seconds.
Person two: Nah bro she did a courtesy flush before we did it.
by jay-z October 03, 2012
For Oversized Rednick Dicks
If your wife weighs more than your Ford than you are a redneck
by Jay-Z March 11, 2003
AV = Aunt Visiting. Period or menstruation.
"yo Jay-Z, my AV came."
by Jay-Z June 28, 2003
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