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The one who is to blame for what goes wrong
Jim is the fallguy for that project.
by Jay Urbanski March 28, 2005
Calendar system containing 13 months. January, Febuary, March, April, May, June, July, Urbanuary, August, September, October, November, December.

Follows more closely the moon cycles. All months have 28 days, there is one day at end of year called Jayday which is in no month. Every four years there are two Jaydays to stay in line with leap year of the Gregorian calendar.
I will be taking the month of Urbanuary off please refer back to the Jagorian calendar for more info.

That happens only on the second Jayday of the week.
by Jay Urbanski April 10, 2007
Known as the 13th month of the Jagorian calendar. Falls between July and August in the Gregorian calendar.

Follows the moon cycles 28 days per month, with one day left over at end of year known as Jay Day which has no month. Every four years there is two Jay Days to cover for leap year.

Urbanuary is customarily a month without work, similar to the French holiday month.
Every thing good happens in Urbanuary
by Jay Urbanski April 10, 2007
Is the day at the end of the year in the Jagorian Calendar system. It contains no month and there are 2 Jaydays in a leap year.
When are we going to leave? Jayday.... not today and not tomorrow, but Jayday.
by Jay Urbanski April 10, 2007
One who is very adept about doing Taxes
Hey John's doing his taxes again he is very HR Anderson about doing his taxes
by Jay Urbanski March 28, 2005

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