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Video Game Hangover (VGH): Mostly occurs late at night when playing video games. If the lights of the video game flash rapidly for a long period of time, or if you than you may experience;

Mild symptoms may include: mild headache, easily irritable, inability to function properly, sensitivity to light and sound

Severe symptoms may include: Migraine, Possible stomachache, Insomnia and in worst cases: Death.

WARNING: There is no found cure for VGH!

Treatment: If you are experiencing mild symptoms of VGH, please do not resume your normal video gaming experience and proceed to a dark room where you can sleep it off. It is not worth it to get to the next level if you cannot continue your 'gaming' the next day because you have to severe of a VGH.
8:00 PM
~ Person 1: Dude lets play video games all night long!
~ Person 2: ALL RIGHT!!!

7:00 AM
~ Person 1: Dude man, I feel sick.
~ Person 2: I feel fine. Hey, you look pale. Do you have VGH?
~ Person 1: I THINK I DOooOooOooo *Dies*
~ Person 2: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!11!!!1!!111!
by Jay Taxman March 20, 2005

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