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Egg magma - another word for spunk, man juice and cum
Etna: hey noris your lookin hot maybe we should get closer?
noris: no! how about u suck me off so you can make my penis volcanoe erupt and spert egg magma all over your face!
by Jay Russell April 19, 2005
A " banst " is what one would call a dry quim or sometimes can be an abusive word that only few people know
dont have one yet but im sure whom ever wants an example will find one themselves
by Jay Russell April 19, 2005
To place ones foot under a victims heel and lift it forcefully into the air so as to cause laughter for all spectators and shame for the victim.
Jay was busy high stepping Scott at the food court when Derick walked by.
by Jay Russell October 20, 2003

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