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Named after the legendary Australian sheep shearer who set various sheep shearing records, the "Jackie Howe" is a navy blue (or white) Chesty Bonds singlet which fits loosely around the arms and neck for mobility. It is longer in the body to allow for more coverage of the lower back when bending down so as to prevent one from "catching a chill". Jackie Howe's are sometimes foolishly referred to as "wife beaters" - everybody knows this is wrong: in Australia the term is "wife basher". "Wife beater" is also a wanker American expression which simply refers to form fitting, white singlets for men. The Jackie Howe, however, is so much more than this. It is a symbol of great Australian history and doubles as an excellent, comfortable and versatile piece of clothing.
Some fucktard just called my jackie howe a wife beater. I'd better teach them a lesson about respect.
by Jay Plane August 20, 2010
To be "roused on" is to be scolded or to get into trouble.

To have a row is to have an argument or fight.
I was roused on by my Mum for wearing my favourite jackie howe to my cousin's wedding.

My girlfriend rouses on me when I stay at the pub drinking.

I had a huge row with my brother over the tv remote.
by Jay Plane August 20, 2010
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