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A female, who in a party or bar environment who takes the roll as "Wingman".

If trained properly the Wingma'am can not only occupy the "fat friend" BUT also gain the trust of the target "hot one" and said fatty faster, and with more cunning then any Wingman. Females cling to other females because they are all usually untrusting of males.


Examples of WingMa'am tactics:

(for ease of understanding we will assume it is just you and your Wingma'am, and your target is a hot little number who's dick finding attention is engulfed by the low self esteem of her fat and/or ugly slamhog of a friend.)

1:Enter bar/party, find hottie and piggy, send wingma'am out on a scouting mission ie. eves drop to gather intel like marital situation, likes and dislikes, cup size, what ever tickles your pickle. You then walk by all three ladies (yer ma'am, the hottie and little miss piggy) making sure you can be seen, and yer ma'am will keep an eye on your targets expression as you pass. Your ma'am can then text you if she thinks you have a shot. OR you can have your ma'am pretend to check you out as well and make up some crazy shit about having heard about you having a huge pecker and or are a champ in the sack.
WingMa'am Basic Guidelines:

Always treat your wingma'am like a proper lady, she will get you laid more then you can believe. Pregame with her, fix her car, walk her dog. NEVER BANG THE WINGMA'AM! NEVER EVER!!!

There may an instance where you're ex ma'am or bi ma'am may find herself so intoxicated (and tired of talking about your junk and not getting a slice). That they might want to thank you (in their own special way ;) ) for the oil change and the dog walks... This is VERY RARE!! and usually ends up in failure. IE by the time you get back to your crib they aren't as drunk and start to 2nd guess proposed trey way! DON'T TRY TO FORCE IT!, it just shows bad character! But then again you could possibly have a memorable evening/early morning. So take that as you will. But always remember this,

Rules are a lot like vagina's, they are ment to be broken.
by Jay Ownz September 27, 2010
female or instance that immediately makes your manhood floppy.
Fat people having sex, road kill, your mom knocking on your door when you're getting a BJ.

Those two slamhogs making out in public is a real Cockflopper.
by Jay Ownz September 27, 2010

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