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Dirty Dozen; A blood linked group of Mentally enhanced and impaired individuals whos point of view is severely altered by the chain of events they call their lives.
Also: Psychotic

see; Jay & Toekzy McVeigh & Jimping
Awww, shit... he's a Navales.
by Jay Molotov & Toekzy McVeigh December 25, 2004
hey mother fucker! So today is the day that fucking holy guy was born, right?

Jay: My girlfriend says that christmas is a crock'a shit cos' nowhere in the bible does it say that the big man was born on December 25th... It's also a time to be drunk and merry!

Toekzy; yeah... thats cool i guess... alright kids, i'm gonna let you in on a little secret..READY?

Jay: i'm a herion addict, i'll probly be your next president... WAAOOOWW!!
oh boy, i can't wait til next year..04 bitches
by Jay Molotov & Toekzy McVeigh December 25, 2004
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