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The scenic and historic capital of PA, formerly known for a high crime rate, but recently experiencing a cultural renaissance, particularly in Midtown, home of Book Row and the Midtown Theater, as well as the Historic District and Cheap Date jazz Tuesdays.

The Capitol District, Shipoke District, and Midtown offer some of PA's finest architecture. The Capitol building is worth a trip from anywhere; it is a fine example of neoclassical stylism combined with Baroque and renaissance revival elements.

Downtown looks like a miniature version of Chicago or Philly, with an impressive skyline for only having 50,000 residents. Harrisburg features fine dining, good and diverse bars, casual restaurants, three hookah bars, and a beautiful river walk.

City Island, Harrisburg's Navy Pier, is the "Playground for the Whole Family" while the cities host of museums and festivals will keep a visitor of any taste busy.

The biggest little metropolis in the US.
Mayor of an up-and-coming town, somewhere outside of Central PA: "Welcome to our fair city. We are currently growing and improving, so many people have referred to us as another Harrisburg, PA."
by Jay Matthews December 09, 2006
A slang term for a well-liked, amiable person, usually a male. Girls want a settecase, men want to be a settecase.
Girl 1: Joel is so fly, I want him soooo bad
Girl 2: yeah he's such a settecase
by Jay Matthews June 08, 2005
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