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The act of pulling money literally out of your ass, to use for the sole purpose of paying for birth control. So you can have sex with another person, with no protection, and not worry about getting pregnant outside of that 1% of the time.
It is okay, back in November, I was able to safetypull, so we are good for boning tonight
#sex #safety #ass #birth control #aids
by Jay Jay E September 12, 2010
walking around an area in a worthless manner, be it a beach after 6 pm, mall, middle of the road, or waffle house parking lot, causing a ruckus while wearing baggy clothes and often a chain, or some form of bling.

This is usually done in a group, comprised of the unemployed.
Look at that pack of trash, just manesing around in the middle of the street about to get hit.
#trash #thugs #gangsta #idiots #moron
by Jay Jay E September 13, 2010
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