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A liquid used by actors when the director requires them to shed tears of joy.
The inexperienced actor had to use gleecerine to get the right the scene of crying with happiness.
by Jay Divanji September 28, 2007
A fear of being deceived.
Heard about this guy who's been gypped a gazillion times? No wonder the poor guy's suffering from severe fobia.
by Jay Divanji January 06, 2008
The state of having lost all funkiness.
Bell-bottoms are so defunkt now.
by Jay Divanji January 06, 2008
A little bit strange.
That movie was okay except for the ending. It was weeird.
by Jay Divanji January 06, 2008
A really shoddy & bad website which covers non-issues.
Websites which cover the life of non-entities like Britney, Lindsay & Paris deserve to be called webshites.
by Jay Divanji January 06, 2008
A lawsuit that is gargantuan in terms of the size of the compensation demanded for damages.
This anti-smoking organization has dragged the tobacco companies to court demanding billions in dollars as compensation for the suffering undergone by smokers. The lawsuit is really a suemo.
by Jay Divanji January 06, 2008
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