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The most OverRated Quarterback in the history of the NFL.
If it wasn't for the Patriots great coaching and great players around Tom Brady, Tom brady would suck and no one would cared if he lived or not.
by Jay Dee Dubya August 21, 2005
The act of PWNing someone with a Phone. See russell crowe.
Russell Crowe PHWN'D that poor hotel clerk man. This later gave a bad vibe to people who have yet to see his great movie Cindarella Man and now probably won't see it, screwing it's chances for Best Picture. Remember Kids, Only You Can Prevent PHWings. Don't fuck with the Crowe.
by Jay Dee Dubya July 17, 2005
FredEx is the nickname given to former Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver, Freddie Mitchell, by.... himself. Mitchell was picked in the first round by the Eagles and never amounted to any, besides making a catch that any damn WR could have made known as "4 & 26". He made up for his suckiness by trash talking players from other teams, and let his kick ass team cover for him. The Eagles finally did the smart thing and cut Freddie in early May of 2005. Freddie signed with the Kansas City Chiefs in late May of 2005. He was cut before he could even play a game for them because he sucks and still insisted to be called "Freddie" when he is a grown man.
Freddie Mitchell is now sitting in his mom's basement getting fat and watching the only 3 throws he caught in his entire life.
Other Freddie "FredEx" Mitchell nicknames include:
Fast Freddie, 4 & 26, Sultan of the Slot, and Douche Bag.
by Jay Dee Dubya September 27, 2005

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