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A bronze avalanche is usually given during revenge sex, or final sexual encounter when breaking it off with someone. A bronze avalanche is the act of a guy ejaculating inside someone else, then immediately unloading their bladder and pissing inside as well. The piss provides the bronzing, and the jizz provides the avalanche.
Person A: "Yo, this chick did me so dirty, I got her back good"
Person B: "What you do to her?"
Person A: "Gave her a Bronze Avalanche!"
by Jay Ay Orz May 29, 2013
Derived from the name Canada, canaDAY Land (Pronounced cah-nah-DAY Land) is coined originally as a derogatory term for Canada for their lack of global presence in wars and them being known for always being nice to people (dependent on area). The term itself, canaDAY Land, was created with meaning, where the "cana" was taken from Canada, the "DAY" was to signify how they are always nice and see the brightside of things, and "Land" is because this is just about as mythical as wonderland. Later the term was adopted and put into a more positive light by them (Canadians) saying they have less troubles and problems, and are overall peaceful, and it was no longer seen as a derogatory name (unless used within that context).
Positive Context:
person A "Dude, I'm sick of being here. I want something better. I'm going to Canada!"
Person B "Don't you mean, canaDAY land, Land of the awesome?"

Negative Context:
Person A "They don't do a damn thing, being little scared wimps!"
Person B "That's canaDAY Land for ya!"
by Jay Ay Orz October 04, 2013
Derived from the term "eh" thought to be coined by the Canadians (or canaDAY Land residents), it is used as a type of slang in place of "eh" to display that one whom used it may be from a ghetto region from within Canada.
Normal resident "Hey How are you doing today, eh?"

Ghetto Resident "What's happening, feh?"
by Jay Ay Orz October 04, 2013
Raging Bear is a term used to denote a very angry, fat or muscular and/or hairy, homosexual. Usually used in reference to fat hairy homosexuals.
Person A: "Hey, Did you hear what happened to Colin in the bar last night?"
Person B: "No, what happened?"
Person A: "Someone pissed him off and he got angry as heck!"
Person B: "So... Raging bear, huh?"
Person A: "Yup."
by Jay Ay Orz October 22, 2013

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