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A rip (not to be confused with rip-off) is a slang term which can refer to anything comical, hypocritical, or embarrassing in nature. The term grew popular in Northern California in the early 2000s and eventually became common Norcal schoolyard slang along with hella, hecka, and the term Norcal itself. Its usage is commonly accompanied with a rough "stripping" motion on the back of one's neck, as if removing the tag on his/her shirt. Its usage continues to grow around the region's schools.
Kel: "I know the names of everybody in the room."
Joe: "Well then, what is his name?"
Kel: "I don't know."
Joe: "That's a rip." *strips the back of Kel's neck*
by Jay =) September 26, 2006
A 'tritone' is the name for the musical interval between two pitches an augmented 4th/Diminshed 5th apart. The term 'tritone' comes from the fact that the interval between the two pitches is a full three "whole tones" apart. The use of the tritone is common in classical music where the V-I resolution is present, as well as in Jazz and Rock whenever a piece or section is in the lydian mode. The interval has a very unstable characterisic and was even known as the 'devil's interval' at one period in music history.
Tritones can be heard in the following examples:
-Bass riff of "Jerry Was A Racecar Driver" by Primus
-The first two notes of "Maria" from West Side Story ("ma - ree")
-Opening intervals on "Purple Haze" by Jimi Hendrix
-Opening two notes of the "The Simpsons" theme
by Jay =) September 28, 2006

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