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1. commonly known as the whore down the street
2. an emo temptresss who has the super power of huge boobs
3. the 6th unofficial EMO Ranger
4. Someone who is addicted to morpheine and sleeping pills, usually someone with insomnia
5. A prostitute at JR's Pleasure Pleasers brothel
6. common drop out who never stops crying and has an urge to bite people... including randoms
7. someone who is anti-jock. possibly planning a massacre on a private all boy school
8. Jays Bestie
1. Random old guy: check out cassiemo workin the corner... lets go see how much for 2.
2. Observer: wow, did u see cassiemo just fuck up those jocks and preps by swingin her tits.... she got one in the eye and he is now blind
3. Cassiemo The Whore Ranger, special powers include boob swing, Bite Attackand Sob
4. Cassiemo: fuck... i need some morpheine
5. the greatest brothel in sandgate, represent!
6. Jay: hey whats goin on
Cassiemo: ARGH *bites on his arm severing his hand off*
Jay: ...oww u bitch
7. Cassie: first st columbins with the hydrogen bomb, then hit st pats with my elite crew, clint hangs out the front with the automatic, luke. u set shit on fire. Jay you just kill as many fuckers as u can. Dom u set torrissi on fire.
while pat and james walk around executing people with their shotguns.Robbie..... your such a boongabe, bottle people
8.Jay: hey bestie
Cassiemo: Your A Cunt *bites Jays other hand splintering the bone eventually severing his hand off*
by Jay <3 Cassie November 29, 2006

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