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388 definitions by Jay

the most kickass person in the world
jaymes walked down the halls and all the girls turned their heads
by jay January 04, 2005
181 79
A WW2 based mod of half-life. You should not compare it with CS since the two are completely different exept for the fact that its a first person shooter with 2 teams.
didnt u hear me the first time?
by jay January 25, 2004
135 34
n. 1. a true pimp
2. a person who is good at everything
you can never be a orin
by jay February 22, 2004
172 74
Someone quiet but tough and wild n crazy
That kid scrappy from harlem aint nothin to mess with.
by Jay February 27, 2005
171 76
to make ready for is something that girls do to guys.
i was so aroused i had to get off the bus.
by jay July 29, 2003
213 119
nigga without a job
black person living on the west side
by jay April 25, 2003
116 30
Why haul your lazy unemployed ass 50 feet into the store when you can park in the fire lane?
The only time K-Mart is busy is when the fire lane at Wal-Mart is full of piece of crap cars and 4 wheel pickup trucks. The parking lot can be half full, but the rednecks still park in the fire lane.
by jay November 30, 2003
122 37