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3 definitions by Jay Rip

to get burned in such a severe way people feel that the sun might of actually kicked your ass
Red guy: "I fell asleep on the beach and now my skin hurts really bad"

Normal guy: "Yeah bro you totally got Sun Fucked"
by Jay Rip March 29, 2009
Someone who feels the need to have a deep and meaningful facebook status.
John: Did you see Frank's facebook status. It was a poem about his classes

James: Yeah man he is such a facebooklosipher
by Jay Rip April 07, 2009
A food that has barely been eaten and sitting on the top of a garbage. This is perfectly ok to eat as long as no one catch you. In "Seinfeld" George Castanza is seen eating a garbage floater by his girlfriends mom
Dude #1: I just had a soft pretzel i found in the garbage.

Dude #2: Gross man! that's disgusting.

Dude #1: Calm down it was a Garbage Floater.

Dude #2: Oh ok that's alright.
by Jay Rip March 31, 2009