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A man who is on an insatiable, unending quest for booty, basically the same as a player, but with a more laughable name. Is always well dressed, clean shaven and wearing cologne, even when just hanging out with the guys, just in case he happens to run into a pretty girl along the way to meet the guys or at the place he's meeting the guys. Would be the first guy in your group of friends to bail on you to go chase tail
Girlfriend: (giggle) So why do you call your best friend Manwhore?
Boyfriend: Because he is! He's got a different girl with him every week. He puts thirty thousand miles a year on his car and he only lives five miles from where he works. So twenty nine thousand of those miles are from driving around chasing after booty. He's always thinking with the little head instead of the big one.
Girlfriend: (laughs) So I shouldn't introduce him to any of my girlfriends?
Boyfriend: Not unless they want to get played by a master.
by Jay Dog June 05, 2010
Brown Paper Bag is a trucker's term for an unmarked police cruiser commonly heard over the CB Radio. If there's a brown paper bag and he's drinking it, that means said cop has got somebody.
"Breaker, breaker 1-9, got a brown paper bag at mile marker 1-2-3."
by Jay Dog September 28, 2005

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