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Dude this song by Metallica is totally MAC!!!!
#major #awsome #cool #slang #phrase
by Jawziemotto April 21, 2010
Something that is unlikely that happens at an opportune moment, generally benefits one person or party involved in the situation and would offend and upset the other persons or parties involved...
Guy 1: Hey me and Lisa are totally going on a date on Saturday!

Guy 2: Dude WTF! She totally told me she was busy this weekend, Knock it off with this Mickey Mouse Faggotry! Like seriously Bro. Take that magical Disney Horse Crap back to the Club House!!!
#mickey #mouse #gay #lame #insult #unfortunate
by Jawziemotto April 20, 2010
A slang word for the pain killer Lower Tabs, (Usually referred in the illegal consumption of said drug).
Guy #1: Dude did you see that fight John got into he is a totally insane fighter.

Guy#2: No dude John sucks at fighting he just doesn't feel anything, I totally saw him taking Rage like 15 minutes before the fight.
#drugs #rage #lower #tabs #losers #use #this
by Jawziemotto April 23, 2010
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