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A phrase used to describe an abnormally large wad of chewing tobacco, often long cut or straight, chewed across one's bottom lip. No less than half of a can's worth of chew in a single 'rub' may be called a Husky jawn.
Also may refer to any combination of the following breakdown:

1. husky- adj: synonym for massive or obese.

2. jawn- noun: literally can mean anything. (in this case, a dip chew)
Did you hear about that bull Tony Gwynn? He has fuckin throat cancer...
Yeah probably from all those husky jawns he packed in his day.

Girl I fucked Zack last night, and his dick was so big I cried when he put it in! I have to ice my pussey before I try to walk again.
Yeah I heard he had that good husky jawn, he definitely ain't a ruffner.

Lets twist up a husky jawn and get blunted!
by Jawn boy October 10, 2010

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