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A misspelling of sleep. When typed in an irc window, IM session, or any other kind of online chat thingie, it is proof that the speaker needs sleep, because he is so tired his left middle finger can only hit the 'e' key once before it is totally spent.
<Jawa> omg i'm so tired.. must slep
<BobSplat> good night!
by Jawa July 23, 2004
An ass of enourmous proportions.
That guy has a ranball!
by Jawa October 14, 2004
The ability to wield 4 firearms in only two hands and fire them consecutively!!
Murphy: You Know what i got
Jackson: Oh they'll never guess
Dud: WHat do you got!!
Murphy: HA he wants to know what i got
Jackson: heheheh
Murphy: I've got Quadra-guns
*Dud Crys like a girl*
by Jawa March 28, 2005
A hot sexy flowaaaaaah!
Oh man, thats one big radiositysg!
by Jawa November 26, 2004
A synonym for sexy beast.
Aw, your such a NoodleMan.
by Jawa November 26, 2004
Has absolutely no meaning, something to just randomly say.
by Jawa October 14, 2004

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