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4 definitions by Javo, J', Baro

Term used in reference to someone who starts off the evening quietly and passively, and then turns into a phsychopathic, party machine in a matter of 20 mins or less.
I don't know what happened to BARO! he pulled a Dr. Jaeger and Mr. Hyde
by Javo, J', Baro May 09, 2003
Term defining an individual who persistantly mentions a former hangout buddy. Used as a implicit term refering to homosexuality.
(While at a club drinking with friends).... 'I LUV U BOYGUY!'
or "Man I'm drunk as Fuck, I can score... or I'll call my BoyGuy'
by Javo, J', Baro May 09, 2003
A term used to define any anti-erection enduced by any drug. i.e. Anti-Depressant drugs, Cocaine, and Alki-hol.
Big J' sooo' did you have a Soft Phallus after sorting 4 lines of llello?
by Javo, J', Baro May 09, 2003
Spending more than 2 minutes in a inclosed room, with someone who has severe and pestilent flatulence.
I don't know what Javo ate? But working with him in the office felt like I was in a Methane Suana. Please refer to "2mm Cannon"
by Javo, J', Baro May 09, 2003