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Slang for being conceited, full of yourself, or to not be as good as you think you mite be.
Common usage:

"Man, that group in the studio last nite was smellin-themselves, they thought they shit was hot or somethin'."

"Them A**-Holes was smellin' themselves hard, couldn't get over it, like they smell was captivating' or some shit."

"Watch it now, don't be smellin' yourself now while you out there, your smelf mite be irreconcilable, take over ya."

**Any application of the phrase close to this usage is appropriate.**
by Javier Consuelo February 09, 2013
The nuggets at a fastfood chain you ask for 'fresh' made upon your request, except they are nuggets made before, re-cooked in the grease to make em' hot give em' that fresh look shine.

(Will most likely happen late nite)
Conversation (after placing and getting fast food order) :

Person 1:"Shei, dese ain't nuggets, they gave me nuggis', extra hot chrisphy shiny dry."

Friend's reply: "Cheap muthuh fhuckahs"
by Javier Consuelo February 01, 2013
To beat the shit out of your drums. v. or adv.
He haaked the shit out of his drums, busted a head.


He was haaking the drums, louder than a muh fuhcka.
by Javier Consuelo January 27, 2013
The act of one's exercise being in the act of getting a refreshment either alcoholic or non alcoholic.
"Damn, we refreshercised hard at the bar last nite."

Typical conversation:

"Did you hit the gym today?"

"Nah, I refreshercised, basically to the fridge and back for my routine."
by Javier Consuelo March 02, 2013

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