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7 definitions by Javi

A man who engages in intercourse with a large amount of women.
He hasn't he been with? That kid's a serious plumber!
by Javi March 07, 2005
70 59
an elitist born in east los angeles who thinks he was born in spain
You fucken indio from spain I want two tomales not one.
by Javi April 18, 2005
10 4
A spanish term used by most spanish men or women to describe a stupid idiotic bitch that never leaves them the fuck alone.
(claudia) "Hey Javi here comes that fucking swata bitch to collect the rent again!) (Javi) "fuck her ass she is the shizzle"
by Javi March 17, 2004
15 10
Short for "cold chillin".
Basically this is an unnecessary entry.
by Javi April 04, 2005
15 15
A very small and furry creature, has big eyes in ratio to its very small body. a skimmel has no bones and is therefore very pliable.
the wild australian skimmels work in groups to gather enough food for the entire colony, they work almost as a micro society
by Javi April 02, 2005
0 0
The second highest ranked DDR PLAYER In the world. Just behind YASU.
Take plays at Muthos bemani center in japan
by Javi August 30, 2003
23 24
usually a drunk who passes out or gets kicked out of clubs.
a fat chick wing man trys to drink everyones drink at a table and drops them all, then gets kicked out
by Javi April 18, 2005
7 16