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Turisas is the best viking/pagan/folk metal band ever in the world. They r from Finland. Their 2004 album is called In battle and is a great masterpiece of the genuine battle metal genre!!!
Hailz Turisas!
Listen to Turisas!
by Javed (the last viking) March 28, 2005
Turisas is a war god worshipped especially in the Häme region in Finland before christianity. The problem with Finnish mythology is that there are much less sources of written knowledge about it compared with other cultures, which results in dissenting information and uncertainty about facts. The name itself has several writing appearances depending on the source (Tursas, Turisas, Turilas and Turri) all meaning pretty much the same. The etymology of the word is somewhat complex: Tursas refers to mythological giants (as well as sea-creatures in modern Finnish language), Iku-Turso is somekind of a sea-monster according to folk poetry, while Meri-Tursas again appears in old spells as a breeder of disease. The name Turisas stands also pretty near to the Scandinavian, and better known,
Turisas is the giant that fight with David!!
by Javed (The last viking) March 28, 2005
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