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2 definitions by Jatchy McJatch Jatch

Where you shit on a female's chest and then proceed to act like a veloco-raptor guarding a freshly laid dinosaur egg.
Fred was so chuffed. After he laid that brontosteamer on Wendy's chest, he stayed up all night keeping watch for the Turdburglar.
by Jatchy McJatch Jatch December 28, 2009
Someone who as a matter of duty or pleasure steals turds from unsuspecting victims of poo fetish
John was reading the newspaper calmly whilst taking a dump on Trudy's face. By the time he looked around to admire his handywork, Jason the fucking turdburglar, had already snatched up his pile of steaming brown glory.
by Jatchy McJatch Jatch December 28, 2009