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A vaginal projectile, propelled by the force of a particularly powerful queef. Usually a crusted remnant of a womans most recent ovulation, or perhaps the hardened remains of a particularly impressive ejaculation. Most commonly produced by only the skankiest of women with the most questionable of hygenic habits. Sometimes used as a colorful insult.
As if the sound of the queef wasn't enough, i felt something bounce off my left nut and I swear to ever loving christ it was a queef nugget!

Get off my mom you fucking queef nugget!
by Jaszen September 19, 2005
A vaginal orifice sequestered for its own protection against any manner of external dangers. Generally used descriptively for a person lacking in bravery, or just as a horrendously vile-sounding insult.
You are a hunkering cunt.
by jaszen June 21, 2011

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