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The guitarist of The Used. Absolutely fxcking awesome. He is not only extremely talented (The Used's guitar tracks are pretty hard to play) but breathtakingly gorgeous. Also, in the album cover of In Love And Death he said, "... Joseph Smith the greatest fiction writer of the latterday next to Tolkien." That is a statement to respect.
Quinn Allman, I LOVE YOU.
by Jassie May 28, 2005
The Used's second and most recent album. Though Maybe Memories is their definitive album out of the two, In Love And Death is also extraordinary.
In Love And Death rox my sox.
by Jassie May 28, 2005
answer to all.

a way of life.

an asian man.

the answer to all human creation and exsistance.
your a shun
"you know why you broke your leg?" "why" "shun"
by jassie March 31, 2012

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