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A person from the hallowed village of Fenagh. Co Carlow Ireland. This person is a member(past or Present)of a team of mighty gaelic footballers who are reputed to be in possession of some of the mightest schlongs in the known free world. The Moll Bennett fan knows them as "The Bennetts" and the cry of "Go on the Bennets ...its a cool sort of thing", can be heard at many of the preimier gaelic footbal matches across the country. And as legend would have it the mighty Moll Bennett herself will rise from her grave and roam the street of Fenagh with a smile on her face when the Boys bring back the county senior football championship
Go on the Moll Bennetts...It's a cool sort of thing
by Jaspero'toole January 12, 2004
The greatest ever collection of players the world has seen a team of sublime characters and exquisit gaelic football players also known for their sexual prowess....
Go on the Moll Bennetts... its a cool sort of thing
by Jaspero'toole January 12, 2004

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