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The act of vaginal penetration via doggy style during which the female excretes fecal matter for lubrication upon the male's penis.
Dave: So what did you and Jill do last night?
Aaron: She gave me a little Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.
Dave: You mean where she shits on your dick to lube it up real nice?
Aaron: That's the one!
Dave: NICE!!
by Jasper Stupolotics July 21, 2008
Similar fo the Rusty Trombone just in reverse typical male and female fashion. The male rims out the women and commences diddling her piddle with multiple fingers in a trumpet like fashion.
Dave: What did you and Jill do last night?
Aaron: We started our own brass band!
Dave: She gave you a Rusty Tombone?!?
Aaron: And then I gave her the Rusty Trumpet!
Dave: NICE!!
Aaron: And then we each drank a bottle of Listerine so as to not get E-Coli.
by Jasper Stupolotics July 21, 2008
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