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3 definitions by Jasper John

Greatest bar in the Midway. It should be the destination of all cool people who just turned twenty-one.
I got demolished at the Trend Bar last weekend. Luckily, no one shot me in my vulnerable condition.

Don't be a bitch Paul. Were going to the Trend Bar.
by Jasper John January 31, 2007
Step 1: Wet your penis
Step 2: Flop it in a bag of high quality rice until thoroughly covered.
Step 3: Smack someone in the face with your penis.
Work was stressing me out. It’s nice to come home and get good Condi Rice.

David is such a bitch. He deserved that Condi Rice.
by Jasper John January 31, 2007
Three or more people involved in a “rusty trombone” circle. A group of people receiving and giving rim job while playing each others dongs.
: Where were you last night? I was worried.
: Oh, I was at a five piece orchestra.

I lost complete control of my bowels when Ness was rimming me.

Nothing is sweeter than an all male Orchestra.
by Jasper John January 31, 2007