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1. To have wild sex while having an enormous sized penis.
2. To thrust even harder during intercourse while having a huge penis.
3. To deliberately ram your penis into a vagina that is to small for it.
4. To give your woman so many inches and thickness that she ultimately inches away from you, only to fall off the bed on to the floor.
1. My girl wanted me to fuck her hard so i whipped it out and

gave her the donkey ram!

2. That girl looks like she needs a good donkey ram!

3. (adj) I got to donkey rammin' my girl so hard that i fucked her off the bed and she fell off!
by Jasonese March 02, 2013
Laughing So Hard I Almost Shit Myself
Laughed So Hard I Almost Shit Myself
When i got that text she sent I LSHIASM!!!
by Jasonese March 02, 2013
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