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When a man and his partner are performing oral sex and the man is incapable of achieving an orgasm because of the need to urinate.
Megan was giving Gordon oral sex last night, but sadly he experienced yellow cork.
by jasondirtymannn November 02, 2009
An extremely large human being with beautiful golden locks. Commonly is confused with big bird from sesame street.
"Woah did you see that big yellow bird?"- John

"Yeah, but that was just a big-fech"- Sally
by Jasondirtymannn January 30, 2010
A slut who is ugly and unwanted by all men or women.
Jessica want every guys dick. Too bad she is a poop slut.
by jasondirtymannn November 03, 2009
An oral sex act in which a female sucks the tip of her partners penis and twists the shaft with her hands. Also known as the twist and suck.
Sally gave me the best T-n-S last night.
by Jasondirtymannn November 01, 2009
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