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Stephenson is a prophet of the universe. He was sent to the mortal world to lead people into battle against the angels. He is unbeaten and has a striking resemblance to a young Matt Damon. Women hang off his dick, leaving a trail of poon in his wake. He was the cause of the 40 day flood mentioned in the bible. He always wins.
Stephenson Wins.

Guy 1: "Dude, that chick has had a smile on her face all day"
Guy 2: "She probably got with Stephenson"
#stephenson #poon #sexgod #batman #matt damon
by JasonBourne7 October 15, 2013
To be Galvinized, can be mistaken for the common job of varnishing a piece of metal. However, the true meaning of Galvinized can only be found in the ancient history books, translated by Monk Scholars in Tibet. To be Galvinized refers to someone getting "pwn3d" or being beaten by a mere man, who is seen as a god. A man who can harness this power, has the ability to slay countless poon and live an eternal life.
Stay down ya gronk, you've just been Galvinized

Zac: Oi Mate, ya gay
#mate #gronk #galvin #monk #scholar #pwn3d
by JasonBourne7 October 22, 2012
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